9 Tips to Improve Your Golf Handicap: Whatever your level, it’s never too late

Thomas Detry

Golf is a sport that requires lots of practice and dedication to get better at.


However, there are many ways golfers can help improve their handicap no matter what their level as they play. The more you know about the game and your skills, the easier it will be for you to set goals and achieve them! In this blog post we will go over 11 different tips for improving your golf handicap.

To improve your golf handicap in the long term, invest in a simulator or go to the range.

If you want to improve your golf handicap, the first thing that we recommend is going out and hitting some balls at a driving range. This will help get rid of any bad habits or muscle memory from previous rounds on course so when it comes time for game day they are no longer an issue!


What’s important when you go to the range is that you just do not hit golf ball after golf ball. You need to be very deliberate in your practice.


Take time to analyze your swing, and make sure you are using the correct technique.

This will help improve the accuracy of shots on the course as well! If there is a particular shot that has been giving problems in previous rounds then it’s important for this practice session at range to work out any kinks before they become an issue again during gameplay.

In golf, a short game is more important than your long game.

Remember, that over 50% of the shorts are around the green so neglecting your short game and your putting can hurt.


This is especially true if you are a beginner golfer. In fact, it’s not uncommon for beginners to spend more time practising their short game than they do on the full swing! This can be an effective strategy because of how important these shots around the green and putting really become in golf games played at higher levels where accuracy becomes even tougher


Keep Your Clubs in Good Shape

Make sure you have the right equipment for your level. Golf clubs are designed for golfers with certain handicaps and characteristics. For example , if you are a beginner golfer, your clubs will be designed for beginners.


If the equipment is not right then it’s going to make things more difficult and could lead to some frustration on the course which can affect gameplay in other ways too! In fact, there have been studies that show how golfers who use better quality gear tend to do much better over. But it needs to suit your level.


Make sure you take Fitness Seriously

While everyone can play golf, you need to maintain a level of fitness suitable for your level. And if you want to improve your game, then fitness is a must.


A good level of fitness can help with your swing, and it will also make you more comfortable on the course too! In fact, studies have shown that golfers who are in better shape tend to play much faster so it can help maintain your overall play.


Get out on the course and play by yourself

Not every round needs to be played with others and sometimes having some time to practise your game alone can be very beneficial. Even taking the opportunity to replay the occasional shot can be a great way to work on your game.


The best thing about playing by yourself is that you can take as much time or little of it, and go at the pace which suits YOU! It’s also an opportunity for some self-reflection – if there are certain aspects in particular where improvements need to be made then this could be just what you need to do.

Play Different Courses

Many golfers play on the same course and get the experience of testing their game on different layouts and different types of courses as well. Always try to play on different courses and you will be able to see how your game fares.


The more variety, the better! You’ll also get a chance of playing in new locations which can help with getting out from under that same old routine too…and it’s always nice seeing something fresh for once right? 😉 


Plus there are so many great courses to try. Test your game on links courses if you play mostly parkland – just swap things around.

Play In Less-Than-Ideal Conditions

We all know the fair-weather golfers – they’re the ones who only play when it’s sunny and dry. But what about those of us that don’t have this luxury?


The best way to improve your game is by playing in all conditions, not just perfect weather! It can be a great challenge but also an opportunity to learn how your game works under different conditions.


When it’s windy, you have to think about your shots differently. When it’s raining, you have to be more careful about your footing and the ball will react differently off of the wet ground than dry grass or dirt – so don’t forget that!

Track your progress and your golf handicap

To see if you are actually improving, you have to track your progress. one of the best ways to do this is to keep a golf handicap.


Track your progress and see if you are improving by looking at how many strokes it takes to complete the course each time, or look for any other improvements in areas like the accuracy of shots from tee-to-green (AGT). 


You can also track this on our Mulligan Handicap Tracker which will give feedback about what is happening with every shot that’s taken – so there really isn’t anything left out!

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