The **Oitavos Golf Course**, designed by Arthur Hills, has been labelled as one of the [best golf courses in Portugal]( and for good reason. The course offers a unique experience for every golfer as the course has been recognized internationally as a links experience. Found near to the centre of [Cascais](, and close to capital city of Lisbon, Oitavos Dunes is perfect for any golfer who not only wants to enjoy an enriching experience on the course, but also to those who want to experience some of Portugal’s incredible culture. What is even better is that the first tee is located only 100 yards away from the Oitvos Hotel which offers a five star experience. For those golfers wanting excellent facilities and a memorable experience at the course, the Oitavos Golf Course is perfect just for that. The rooms offer incredible views of the Atlantic Ocean and that of the local pine trees. As there is very little in the surrounding area guests at the hotel can enjoy incredible views of the sunrise and sunset depending on which side of the hotel they find themselves on. There are also extensive sporting facilities, restaurants and a spa in order to make sure that every golfer and guest is able to relax after the long days they spend exploring or playing golf. Apart from the 5 star hotel located just next to the course, the Clubhouse also holds to the Oitavos Hotel’s standard. You can decide to dine at Verbasco, but also use some of the excellent facilities that lay around the course and clubhouse in order to truly enrich yourself in the golf experience. Outside of the excellent facilities and location, the **Oitavos Golf Course** also provides a unique experience due to its incredible and unique landscape. Based off the name Oitavos Dunes, there are plentiful scenic dunes found amongst the umbrella pines that follow around the course. The course also allows golfers an incredible glimpse at the Atlantic Ocean as several holes open up to its splendour. Aside from the stunning nature, the course does pose challenges to golfers as the wind can become a mighty force. As the course is located so close to the sea, coastal winds constantly sweep through the area making golfers experience challenging but even more rewarding play because of it. There are also incredible offers to be found for the course, but also for guests and visitors wanting to enjoy and stay at the hotel as well. The offers allows for those traveling as groups, but also individuals, to have unforgettable experiences while at the Oitavos Golf Course. **Played this course? Leave a review!**