North Golf Club at Sun City, Arizona: A Timeless Oasis for Golf Enthusiasts Introduction: Situated in the heart of the vibrant retirement community of Sun City, Arizona, North Golf Club has been an esteemed golfing destination for nearly half a century. With its rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and top-notch amenities, this golf course has earned the adoration of both locals and visitors alike. Let's dive into the remarkable legacy of North Golf Club, explore its exceptional offerings, and determine if it belongs among the must-visit destinations for avid golf enthusiasts. A Brief History and Notable Achievements: Established in 1960, North Golf Club quickly became a staple within the Sun City community, catering to both residents and passionate golf travelers. Over the years, the club has witnessed remarkable milestones, including hosting renowned national and international golf tournaments. North Golf Club boasts a proud legacy that showcases its commitment to excellence and its role in fostering a love for the sport. Comparing North Golf Club to Other Notable Courses: When it comes to exceptional golf courses across the country, North Golf Club successfully stands its ground and even surpasses the standards set by many. The course's meticulously manicured fairways, challenging yet fair layouts, and stunning desert vistas make it a true oasis in the golfing world. While each course has its unique features, North Golf Club has successfully positioned itself among the premier golfing destinations in the United States. Amenities and Offerings: 1. Clubhouses: North Golf Club offers two splendid clubhouses that provide a perfect blend of elegance and comfort. Members and guests can indulge in a range of amenities including pro shops, locker rooms, and dining options that cater to various culinary preferences. 2. Golf Courses: The crown jewel of North Golf Club is undoubtedly its two championship golf courses, aptly named The Lakes and The Palms. Both courses boast well-manicured greens, strategically placed hazards, and awe-inspiring views of the Sonoran Desert. The Lakes, designed by renowned architect Charles Gates, offers a more challenging terrain with water features, while The Palms, designed by Billy Casper and Greg Nash, combines desert attributes with subtle elevation changes for an invigorating round. 3. Caddy Service: Complementing the exceptional golfing experience, North Golf Club prides itself on its professional and knowledgeable caddy service. These skilled individuals not only assist with carrying clubs and reading greens but also provide valuable course insights and tips to enhance your game. Insights from Members and Staff: According to longtime member John Anderson, "North Golf Club provides an extraordinary golfing experience with its well-maintained courses and exceptional service. With the spectacular desert backdrop, every round feels like a championship event." Jane Thompson, a staff member, emphasized, "Working at North Golf Club has been a true privilege. The camaraderie among members, the stunning landscapes, and the passion for the sport create an atmosphere that is unrivaled." Mulligan+ Recommendation: In the vast realm of golf destinations, North Golf Club at Sun City, Arizona, undoubtedly asserts itself as a must-visit gem. Whether you seek a challenging round amidst breathtaking desert landscapes, a relaxing day on the links, or the chance to connect with a vibrant golfing community, this club offers an unparalleled experience. From its renowned history to its exceptional amenities, North Golf Club consistently delivers a world-class golfing journey that will leave you yearning for more. With its perfect balance of tradition, elegance, and natural beauty, North Golf Club stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of golf. For enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable golfing adventure, this hidden oasis in Sun City, Arizona, is a destination that should not be missed.