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Cyprus is probably one of the most famous islands on the planet. Located in a key strategic area of the Mediterranean Sea, it bears witness to the history of humanity like few other places in the world.

It was a territory long under dispute for its rich natural resources and privileged location from distant remote times. By the third millennium BC, it had already become one of the most prominent copper production regions, leading to many conflicts between different civilizations. They fought for this territory, including the Mycenaeans, the Egyptians, the Hellenes, the Phoenicians, the Romans, and many more others civilizations. Even the Templars had their presence on the island, which they used as the nerve centre of their crusades to the Holy Land.

Golf Courses ON CYPRUS

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Why play golf in Cyprus?

Today Cyprus is considered one of the best destinations for business purposes. And of course, for travel and tourism. The island’s beauty and its historical and patrimonial treasures attract travellers worldwide to its unique hotel industry and famed gastronomy.

Cyprus is famous for its gastronomy and culture and the incredible wine it produces. Commandaria has been produced on the island for approximately 5,000 years. It is a wine enjoyed by Homer, the Pharaohs, and the Templars, including Richard the Lionheart, who later took it to Europe.

Now, more and more golfers choose Cyprus as their tourist destination. Learn why.

Golf in Cyprus - Aphrodite Hills

How Many Golf Courses Are There In Cyprus?

As we all know, golf is growing more and more throughout the world. Currently, there are more than 40,000 golf courses on all five continents. How many courses does Cyprus have? The island has 10 professionally recognized fields, with a large group of local fans who, together with foreigners, give life to each of their clubs every day.

The island’s courses are nucleated under the orbit of the Cyprus Golf Federation (CGF) / . In turn, this federation is part of the International Golf Federation (IGF), the European Golf Association (EGA), and is also associated with the R&A.

It is important to note that since 2008, all CGF-affiliated golf courses have been classified according to the parameters established by the United States Golf Association (USGA). Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that since June 8, 2020, the CGF adopted the Global Disability System, making Cyprus one of the first to implement this system in Europe.

Is Golf In Cyprus Popular?

Without a doubt, golf is growing by leaps and bounds around Cyprus. Last year a European Tour tournament was held here for the first time: the Aphrodite Hills Cyprus Open. With a superb organization, the contest was attended by several prominent golfers from different countries. This kind of event marks a long-term vision. The continual organization of large-scale tournaments will continue to pave the way for the growth of golf in Cyprus.

There is also an unavoidable fact that must be considered: the real estate industry is directly linked to the development of golf on the island. And this leads us to think that the number of courses on this heavenly island will multiply in years to come.

At Mulligan Plus, we have no doubts about the promising future of the Cypriot golf industry. In 1994 the island’s first golf course (Minthis Hills) was inaugurated, and since then, golf became a reality on this Mediterranean island. 

In addition, there is a fundamental fact to understand golf in this place: the weather. 300 days of sunshine a year are reason enough for it to be considered one of the best European destinations where to play golf.


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Best Golf Courses in Cyprus

Our team of experts conducted a survey and chose what we consider the best golf courses in Cyprus.

This is the most iconic course on the island. It was designed by Cabell B. Robinson, known for having put his signature on beautiful courses designs along the Costa del Sol in Spain. The project (par 71, 6878 yards) took 5 years to build and is currently ranked among the top 100 courses in Europe. 

Its design was developed through an undulating terrain among native trees and a series of obstacles that demand a firm grip and a focus even from the most experienced golfers. It is located on the cliffs of Paphos, a very picturesque site that offers excellent views of the sea, the beaches, and the surrounding nature.

Secret Valley is a beautiful course (par 71, 6248 yards) with holes that stand out in a setting given by the valleys and the surrounding mountains. It was the second 18-hole golf course ever built on the island. Four times a Ryder Cup captain and winner of both the British Open and US Open, Tony Jacklin led the project. The route is framed in a unique environment, where rocky formations and different native trees stand out. For many, it is the most challenging course on the island, with holes that require more precision than distance, a condition that challenges even the most experienced players. Like other golf courses on the island, Secret Valley is also located near the sea, offering unique views that blend mountains with beaches that invite you to enjoy a fantastic day of golf.

Elea Golf Club: its design belongs to the Englishman Nick Faldo and it is the newest course on the island (par 71, 6775 yards). Shortly after being inaugurated, it was considered one of the best 100 courses in Europe. Its exceptional design and the views from each of its holes were considered for its inclusion among the top 100 courses. Today, it is a favourite among local players and tourists, especially for its golf academy, one of the most renowned in Cyprus.

Golf Courses in Cyprus