Playing Golf in France: Why It's the Best Place to Play

There are many reasons playing golf in France is so great.

To start with, the country has some of the most beautiful and scenic courses in Europe. The countryside is also very picturesque to play through, which adds greatly to the experience of playing a round. 


And because France has such a rich history of playing golf – it’s been around for centuries! – there are loads of clubs and courses to choose from all over the country. This article will explore what makes playing golf in France so fantastic!

Playing Golf in France

Where to play

Where can I play golf in France?

France has many golf courses, which are perfect for playing. You can find all different types of terrain and obstacles on the courses so you never know what to expect! There are also some really tough holes to get through – in France they love a challenge!


The landscape is very diverse with rolling hills and scenic views that make playing even more enjoyable.

Where to play golf in northern France?

Northern France is a vibrant region for playing golf. There are many courses to choose from, including those in the capital.

The most famous course in the area is the Le Golf National, which was built for the Ryder Cup and played host to the event in 2007. It’s also home to a driving range and academy so you can learn to play!

Terre Blanche Golf Course 02
Le Golf National 01
Seignosse Golf Course 01
Terre Blanche Golf Course

Where to play golf in Southern France?

Southern France is another popular region for playing golf. There are literally hundreds of courses in the area, with virtually every type of terrain represented. There are a number of beautiful coastal courses and inland courses that offer amazing views.

Seignosse Golf Club is one of the best clubs in southern France. The course is renowned because it’s a seaside course with dramatic views. There are two courses here that varied in difficulty and suit any playing ability.

What are the best golf courses in France?

Morfontaine is the top golf course in France, winning the big prize for the Grand Parcours and beating out other great French courses like Les Bordes (Old) and Chantilly.

how many golf courses are there in France?

There are 702 golf courses in France. Some of the best and the most famous golfing destinations are: Golf de Morfontaine, Terre Blanche, Les Aisses Golf, Golf De Fontainebleau, Le Château de Taulane and Le Golf National.

Playing Golf in France - Summary

Playing golf in France is a great experience.

There are many reasons playing golf in France is so great, but the most important one may be that it allows you to play on some of the world’s best courses and enjoy beautiful views while playing! Whether you’re looking for an inland course or something along the coast, there are plenty of options available across northern and southern France.

The country also has what could arguably be considered as some of Europe’s finest holes – not easy at all! So if you want to get out your comfort zone this summer with a different type of vacation than normal, consider playing golf in France instead. It’ll allow you to see gorgeous landscapes from every angle without having any worries about getting lost (because they all have GPS)!

Best Golf Courses in France